RAAF Townsville Aviation Heritage Centre


The RAAF Townsville Aviation Heritage Centre was established in 2016.  The Centre belongs to the Directorate of History & Heritage (HH-AF).  The mission for the Directorate is to collect, study, preserve and manage records and artefacts from the Australian Flying Corps through to today’s Air Force to enhance capability and reputation, while meeting Government and community expectations. The Centre at RAAF Townsville performs this mission by focusing on regional areas of North Queensland where our Air Force operated back to a period of circa 1940.  The RAAF Base at Townsville was established on the 15th October 1940.  Our Air Force has had a significant and rich history in North Queensland ever since.

The Aviation Heritage Centre is located within a fenced compound on the RAAF Base at the original base entry point from 1940.  The staff at the Centre is comprised of Air Force and Volunteer members.  All of our heritage is important and significant.  Some of the displays that will show off this heritage are a Mirage 1110 (A3-55), a PC9/A (Forward Air Control, A23-022), Winjeel (A85-403), Caribou (A4-199), and Neptune ( A98-280).

Follow the link below to the RAAF Townsville Aviation Heritage Centre official Air Force page
RAAF Townsville Aviation Heritage Centre