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The links below provide some insight into the events in Townsville during WWII.  Click on the various links to read what happened . . . . . 

World war at our doorstep as Townsville almost became Australia’s Pearl Harbour

By: Samantha Healy From: The Sunday Mail (Qld)March 11, 2012 10:28AM

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The Japanese bomb Townsville, Queensland During WWII

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The Japanese Raiders
Emily Flying Boats

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RAAF Events in Townsville during the 1940s

(researched by RAAFA Townsville member, Bruce Hurst)




North Eastern Area Command


September 1944

October 1944

November-December 1944

January 1945

February 1945

March 1945

April 1945

May 1945

June 1945

July 1945

August 1945

September 1945

October 1945

November 1945

December 1945

January 1946 – March 1947